Recessed Lights

How Recessed Lights can Add Warmth or Drama, to The Ambiance of Your Home

Recessed lights also called down lights (or in some cases up lights) are normally installed in hollow openings in your ceiling providing a clean look unbroken look not seen with other ceiling light fixtures. This type of lighting is often used as part of layered lighting can depending on where and how it is used can add warmth and charm or drama and sophistication to the ambiance of your home. Let’s take a look at how recessed lights can be used to improve the overall décor and ambiance of your home.

Adding Warmth and Charm to Your Kitchen Decor

Today’s kitchen are not just for preparing food, in many households the kitchen is the place where the family eats most of meals and snacks, plays games, and visits with one another and friends. For that reason you want your kitchen to glow with warmth and be inviting to everyone who enters. While the décor of your kitchen plays a huge roll in the room’s ambiance it is your kitchen lighting that plays an even bigger role. Strategically placed kitchen recessed lights can add to your kitchen décor and add a touch of warmth to your kitchen. Recessed lights placed over your kitchen sink or over that island in the middle of your kitchen can provide adequate light for doing dishes as well as bright spot for the family to gather. These lights are also energy savings since most recessed lighting has dimmer switches can turned down when you don’t need the full force of that down light.

Accent Those Nooks and Crannies

You can also use low voltage mini recessed lights to accent those nooks and crannies in your home. Mini down lights placed in a small entry way and add just the right amount of warmth to a small area, while placing mini down lights inside of dark cabinets and over the bathtub can help improve the functionality of these places than tend to be on the darker side.

Floor lights
7 color kit, expandable up to 6 lights. Got 2 15 inch strips and 2 9 inch strips in right now anyway. Took me about 15 minutes to install and a little while …

Adding a Touch of Color and Drama

For those of you who are looking to add more drama and sophistication to your home that you may want to consider recessed floor lights along the edge of your floor to light up that mural or that hallway. For even more dramatic effect you can actually use colored recessed up lights that will cast a glow on the walls of your home theater or family room.

While down lights are designed to shine down towards the floor you can purchase filters for recessed lights that can direct the light where you need it to go giving you even more choices in how to use these lights to help improve in your home’s ambiance and décor. When used with other types of lightening such as floor or wall lamps recessed lighting can provide for that layered lightening that is often needed in bathroom, bedrooms and other room without making your rooms look over cluttered.